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2009-09-20 00:17:24 by Mephiles2045

So... I got a flash program, but I dont know what to do..........

Spite & Flash Animation

2009-02-26 06:07:36 by Mephiles2045

I have no idea whatsoever of how newgrounds works. So my guess that this is used to let people know what im gonna do on newgrounds?...Anyways, I'm Doing sprite animation. I really wanna do flash animation. I really like the animations on newgrounds and I am filled with envy. However, Some animators would rather do thier work totally by computer. In my opinion, I would draw my ideas first, Then draw the cartoon and then put them in flash. I dont have a problem with people using other methods. I dont judge...or do I? LOL no but seriously i dont judge. Thats just my way of animation. anyways. See Ya Later!

Spite & Flash Animation